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Toner and Inkjet Cartridge Deals

We are liquidating our current stock of inkjet cartridges and laser jet toners.

OEM (Originals) 

HP Q2612A – $60 (1)

LEX E250A11A – $100 (3)

BRO TN210BK – $60 (1)

BRO TN210C – $60 (1)

BRO TN210M – $60 (1)

BRO TN210Y – $60 (1)

HP 564XL C – $20

HP 564XL M – $20

HP 564XL Y – $20

HP 564BK – $10

HP 564C – $10

HP 564M – $10

HP 564Y – $10

HP 933XL CMY $30 (3PK)


HP Q5949X – $100 (1) 

HP CB540A – $60 (2) HP 125A

HP CB541A – $60 (2) HP 125A

HP CB542A – $60 (2) HP 125A

HP CB543A – $60 (2) HP 125A

HP 920XL – $20 (1)

These products can be picked up in Belleville Ontario or we can ship with-in Canada.  Shipping not included.  Pre-payment only.

Contact us with any questions

Our products are now available to the local retail public at Plug n Play Land!

We are very happy to announce our partnership with Plug n Play Land in downtown Belleville.

Printers and Supplies

                    Printers and Supplies

Plug n Play Land will be offering our full line-up of Printers and Supplies including: Inkjet cartridges, Laserjet Toner, Copier Toner available in both OEM/ New and Remanufactured brands.  They will be carrying our full line-up of brand name MICR toners, printer ribbons, ink sticks, printers, extended warranties, printer accessories, printer maintenance kits and more!

In addition Plug n Play Land will also be carrying our quality line of Hammermill copy paper.

Industry leading products, better than big box prices all at your local retailer Plug n Play Land in the heart of downtown Belleville.

Contact them today for all your printer and printer supply needs!

FEATURE CARTRIDGE – Brother TN450 Series

We offer a wide range of Brother Inkjet and Laserjet Printers, Personal Copiers and Printer Consumables for the office and home.

Today we are featuring the Brother TN450 High Yield toner cartridge. The TN450 offer up to 2,600 Pages at a 5% page yield. Our pricing:

                             NEW               Compatible
BRO TN450             $71.99                   $49.99

bro tn450

Do you have a Brother printer in your office?  Let us know your printer model number and we’ll send you our cartridge or toner pricing right away

We offer a wide range of Brother Inkjet and Laserjet Printers, Inkjet Cartridges, Laserjet Toners and Drums, Printer Accessories, Printer Warranty’s and more.

We offer next day delivery throughout Ontario Canada.

Contact us today (613) 920-2117 or

HP Ink Challenge Ends: See the Difference!

Lesson 1: Inconvenience is a Waste of Time…and Gas
One of our participants, Erin R., shared a few image comparisons of her Everyday Documents from Week 1 to Week 5. Do you see a big difference? “I am certain that HP Ink is the way to go,” said Erin R. ” I will never make the inconvenient trip to Costco, wait [an] hour with a toddler, and save a few dollars to have the results of my findings over the last five weeks.” (Note: In the first photo, we used Original HP Ink: Week 1 is on the left; Week 5 is on the right. We used refill ink in the second photo; Week 1 is on the left; Week 2 is on the right. Big difference!)



Lesson 2: Cheaper Ain’t Always Better
We’ve been following Angela U.’s results over the past few weeks- she’s shared some great comparison images. By the end of the Challenge, she was overwhelming disappointed with the refill ink results.

“I am convinced that refill ink is not the way to go,” she said. “There have been no quality prints from the start of the Challenge and I am very disappointed since I was excited that I had found ink cartridges that were inexpensive.”

Find more images and commentary in Angela U’s personal blog post about the Challenge. “Ms. Cheapskate’s” mind is made up in favor of Original HP Ink — and the photos below prove it. The top image was printed with Original HP Ink, while the bottom image used refill ink.


In addition, Sharlyn L. shared that, “Cheaper is not always better. Yes, the cost of refill ink was significantly cheaper. But we discovered during week four that doesn’t mean it’s better. There are times when saving money makes sense and you still get a great product. And there are times when saving a couple of dollars costs more in the long run.”

Lesson 3: Refill Ink…is Hard to Refill. What a concept!
You’d think that refill ink would be easy to refill- but it frequently is not. According to Lee A., “Once I tried to find a place to refill a cartridge I realized how hard it is. Then I found a place and realized quickly how crappy the actual cartridge is once it is refilled. I had a nearly impossible time with this challenge due to the refill cartridges. With not one but TWO trips to the refill shop and still almost no ink coming out on the paper, my challenge was basically a bust.”

Lesson 4: Original HP Ink- Built to Last
Alice presented some great observations from her tests in this post. “I can clearly see how the quality of the Refill Ink deteriorated as I went on with the challenge. And while the HP Ink was losing its quality as the challenge ended…the quality was still pretty decent for the documents that didn’t have a lot of images.” The moral of the story? You’ll eventually run out of ink and need new cartridges. However, Original HP ink is built to last and high quality — until the last drop.


And what about our friend, Robert B.? We’ve been following his findings pretty closely over the past 5 weeks. His conclusion? “The original cartridges are still going strong printing anything I throw at them. I’m converted.”

Link to original article – HP Ink Challenge Ends: See the Difference!

Brother HL2240D Mono (Black) Desktop Laserjet Printer – ONLY $84.99 – Sale ends November 12th, 2013

Compare at $100+++

Brother HL2240D         Printer $84.99
TN450 2600 Pages      Toner $61.99

Designed with home and home office users in mind, the HL-2240D offers excellent value and reliable performance. It features a sleek space saving design with fast printing at up to 24 pages per minute and high-quality output up to 2400 x 600 dpi. Its two-sided printing helps save paper and money.

Brother HL2240D

  • Monochrome laser printer
  • Two-sided printing to save paper and money
  • Compact, fits almost anywhere
  • High quality output even at top speed
  • User-friendly software with easy installation
  • Interactive help software
  • Cost effective, with high-capacity replacement toner cartridges
  • Peace of mind: free machine-lifetime support

What brand of printer are you using in your home or office?

We are constantly amazed at the variety of printers and manufactures in the marketplace and what type of printers our customer are using to get their in-house printing job done.

So we are ask you what brand of printer(s) are you using in your office or home?

Anything Printing - Printers

QEDC and QMA warns BEWARE of “Toner Pirates” – Another great reason to shop local!


 “Toner Pirates” is a term used to describe fraudulent activity which  tricks companies into giving out information on office copiers, than they call back within  a few days letting on they are you local servicing dealer offering you a “great price” on toner.

 Please take a moment to read the important following message which has been provided by a fellow QMA member who recently was contacted by  “Toner Pirates”: 

We had a company that called one of our staff to obtain the model of our photo copier stating they were just updating the servicing records.  Later in the week they contacted our finance person with the information and stated they were working on behalf of the service contract to offer us a deal on toner for the copier as a large increase in the cost was looming.  He became suspicious that the call display had blocked the phone number and stated they would need to send a quote for approval by the plant manager.  He then informed me of his suspicions.  Within minutes I received a call from this company that the finance department had requested pricing for toner cartridges that would require my approval.  I contacted our photocopier service company who said that our toner cartridges were covered under the lease agreement but if we wanted to purchase a spare they were about $99.  I told them what had transpired with the other company and they advised us they were well aware of “Toner Pirates”.  

I have provided the quote and a letter (see below) from our service provider about these groups.  The price was 5 times higher than what it would cost me normally if I wanted to buy one.  Buyer beware.”


Lexmark MS310dn (Mono) Laserjet Printer – SAVE $80 until Oct 31st, 2013

Lexmark 35S0100 – $175.99

Convenient Printing. Compact Design.

The Lexmark MS310dn network-ready laser printer with internal 2-sided printing, a 800 MHz dual-core processor, 128MB of standard memory, 300-sheet standard input and a print speed of up to 35 ppm quickly and easily performs tasks.

Lexmark Cartridges
501 – 1,500 Pages – $82.99
501H – 5,000 Pages$189.99

Hewlett Packard P1660DN Black Printer and Laserjet Toner

Printer Highlights
Fast laser printing for small offices, using built-in Ethernet networking.  Print at up to 26 ppm letter/25 ppm, boost productivity and save time with automatic two-sided printing.  Print from virtually anywhere with HP ePrint. Plug and print in as fast as two minutes—no CD required with HP Smart Install.

Produce professional-quality business prints with bold, crisp text and sharp images. Receive improved print quality with HP FastRes 1200. Save space and reduce printer sound with an ultra-compact, space-saving printer with a “quiet” mode. 

HP P1660DN – $218.99 CDN

(Click Here)

HP P1660DN

Toner Highlights
Get a great value for all your everyday business printing needs. Legendary HP reliability can save you time, minimize downtime and deliver results you can count on.

Save precious space in your work area. Because HP spherical toner makes the printing system more efficient, the cartridge can be smaller, enabling a printer that is just the right size, even when desktop space is tight.

Produce bold, crisp text and sharp black-and-white images. Use HP LaserJet printers together with Original HP toner cartridges to achieve consistent, professional results.

HP CE278A – $92.99 CDN

HP CE278AVisit our WebStore to see full range of Hewlett Packard Inkjet, Laserjet and Multifunction Printers, Cartridges, Toners, Drums, Photo Paper, Supplies and more!

Please contact us for more information at

How to choose a printer cartridge that is right for your printer

Choosing the right inkjet or toner cartridge for your printer may seem like a straightforward task at first – until you find yourself in the middle of the big box office supply store facing an aisle filled with toner and print cartridges, each featuring a confusing part number.

After perusing the boxes and viewing an alphabet soup of part numbers, you may even second-guess the model number of the printer itself. Was your printer an LJ 4014, LJ 4015, an LJ 4515DN, or an LJ 8230N? Even if you remember your printer’s model number, it may have several compatible print cartridges including standard, high yield, and dual packs – each with their own part numbers. And that’s just the brand name options.

Other options include re-manufactured, refilled and compatible inkjet and toner cartridges from other manufacturers.  Some laserjet printers offer security toner cartridges or MICR toner for your LaserJet printer.

Yes, choosing the right inkjet or toner cartridge isn’t as easy as it would seem. Use the steps below to stay focused and find the right print cartridge for your printer.

Find your Printer’s Model Number
Printer model numbers are usually posted fairly prominently on the front of the machine. Look on the front of the machine in the upper and lower corners. Occasionally, it will be front and center. Write this down and label it Epson Inkjet “model” number.

Find Your Print Cartridge’s Part Number
If you want to replace your inkjet or toner cartridge with the same exact toner cartridge, open your printer up and find the cartridge’s part number. This is a completely different number that will not necessarily correspond with the model number. Write this number down and label it Epson Inkjet “part” number.

Order Print Cartridges for Your LaserJet Online
Once you have your model and part numbers, consider looking up your cartridges online. Doing so is much easier than trying to find your part in a sea of boxes at the office supply store. Enter your model number to see what compatible cartridges are available or search by part number to find the specific part.

If you require more assistance contact us directly

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