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Coroplast Signs WORK

Coroplast signs are one of the most cost effective ways to drive more leads and help build your brand.  Coroplast signs are very durable, long lasting and can be used in a variety of ways.  Add grommets to have a hanging sign or place them in a frame.



We offer digitally printed coroplast signs in a variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on the use.  We can add grommets for hanging if required.  We have A Frames and H Frames available.  We can assist with graphic design if required.

We have great pricing and provide FAST shipping in Canada.

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Coroplast Signs are cost effective, durable and portable!

Coroplast signs are a cost effective durable sign option. Coroplast is designed to be lightweight, sturdy and weatherproof.  Coroplast signs can be used as permanent or temporary signage for both indoor and outdoor use.  We offer the option to print directly to your coroplast sign or we can apply vinyl.

We can create coroplast signs large enough or small enough for any signage requirements. Choose from our variety of colours and sizes (6″ * 6″ up to 48″ * 48″ or larger), add grommets or a standing frame.

Coroplast signs are some of the most versatile, adaptable signs a few example uses are:

  • Anything Printing - A Frame SignsReal Estate Signs
  • Lawn Signs
  • Election Signs
  • Trade Shows​
  • Message Boards
  • Yard Sales
  • Construction Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Special Events
  • Hanging Signs
  • Direction signs
  • and more!
Our coroplast signs are available in a variety thicknesses including 4mil, 6mil, 8mil, 10mil.  We also carry styrene, foam core signs and more.

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AnythingPrinting - Coroplast Signs

If used correctly a sign may be all the marketing you need for your business.  We have provided a checklist of key elements to consider while creating and building your new sign.

  • Location (Where is the sign going?)
  • Property (Do you own the location or do you need to rent?)
  • Size (Size of signage display area?)
  • Visibility (Which direction gets the highest traffic visibility?)
  • Signage Required (Indoor or outdoor?)
  • Permit (Depending on the municipality and sign type a permit may be required)
  • Update message (How often will you need to update the message on the sign?)
  • Services (Who will maintain the sign area?  Cut grass, shovel snow)
  • Target market (Tailor your message)
  • Quality graphics (Do you require assistance with design?)
  • Budget (What is your budget for the sign?)
  • Timeline (How fast do you need the sign?)

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