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Rack Cards are a great choice for any print marketing campaign

Rack Cards are a great choice for any print marketing campaign.  With the right strategy you can boost your business very quickly.

Rack Cards used correctly are an extremely successful tool to drive new customers to hotels, physicians, restaurants, events, theme parks, golf courses, trade shows, open houses and other attractions. Rack cards are very cost-efficient to print and distribute and they are printed on a heavier card stock which instantly speaks to quality and first impressions are lasting impressions.

Anything Printing - Rack Card designsRack Cards also have several uses and can be used in combination to assist in building your brand.  Rack Cards can also become:

  • Direct Mail pieces
  • Door Hangers
  • Post Cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • Menu’s

Rack Cards can also replace several pieces of your print marketing channel including sales flyers or brochures and can become your all-in-one print marketing solution.

DEALBuy 15,000 quality rack cards for only $900, that’s only $0.06 each!  Add $50 set-up for more than 1 print design.

This deal is for our 5.75″ * 10.875″, 14pt stock, full colour, double sided with UV gloss Rack Cards.

We can assist with creating high quality designs, images and logo’s if required.

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New logo design for Plug n Play Land of Belleville

We are excited to release our newest logo design for Plug n Play Land located in downtown Belleville.

It was a pleasure to work with Plug n Play Land from concept creation to the launch of their new logo.
Anything Printing - Plug n Play Land Logo

Are you looking to have a logo created, a sales flyer designed or graphics designed for you new sign?  

You can trust our team of experienced designers to work with you to help deliver a product that you can be happy with.  We work with you to get an understanding of your project and your message and we build high quality designs that will deliver your powerful message and assist with creating your brand identity.

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Unique in Chic

Print Marketing offers an amazing opportunity to assist with creating greater brand awareness and increasing your company sales.  It what you do with your Print Marketing campaign and how you present your company/ offer that will increase your response rate and help set you apart from other not so trend setting competition.

We offer a service called “Die-cutting”.  Using a unique printing-die offers you the ability to create a printed product of almost any size and shape.

Die-cut print ideas

2 unique products using our “Die-cutting” process are:

A) Add a perforated tear off piece or punch out card

B) Cut your print product to a unique size and shape

A few great ways examples of ways to use “Die-cutting” are:

Coupon or Sale  Add a perforated tear away coupon that offers a unique redemption code customers can rip off and bring into your store or submit it on-line.  Adding a perforated coupon or exclusive offer is a fun an interactive way to communicate with your customers and great way to assist is tracking your response rates.  Be sure to include an expiry date.

Pet Food Store If you are a pet store and are having a special on dog or puppy products; a great way to communicate your sale would be to create a unique printed product that visually displays your offer and gets your customers emotionally involved.  You could design a print product such as a dog bone, dog shape or puppy paw for example.

Real Estate – Create an over sized piece that works well for door to door drops and presents a special offer or included value for the customer to tear away and present to you face-to-face.  Increase leads, generate more sales and increase your real estate brand.

A unique “Die” may cost more for the first initial print order but the “Die” will be available for you to use at no cost for future printing.

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