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Do you enjoy attending Vendors Markets or Trade Shows?

Do you enjoy sales? Are you well-connected in the Quinte area? Are you aware of the local vendors markets?

We are looking for a savvy person to help us set-up and run a kiosk at local vendors markets, trade shows and other community events throughout the Quinte region.

Our products are top quality, in high demand, competitive in price and we carry one of the largest selections of printing products and design solutions in the marketplace through one supplier. We carry stock huge inventory levels, have fast turnaround times and we offer next day delivery if required.

A great fit for our opportunity is someone with strong communication skills, has great organization skills, has a high energy level and a positive attitude. No direct sales experience required.

This position requires the ability to work a wireless debit terminal, handle cash, update statistics sheets, be able to start a conversation with a complete stranger and is a proactive thinker.

We will provide ongoing training, sales tools and marketing materials to make the booth/ kiosk a success.

This could also turn into an Account Manager opportunity for the right person.

If this sounds like a good fit for you or you know someone that would be interested in our opportunity please contact us

Things to consider when buying a new printer for your home or office

Uh oh!

Let me guess, you just put new cartridges in that printer too didn’t you and now it stopped working for good.  You’ve had that printer for 5 years and you love that printer, what are you going to do now?  Pay to have the printer fixed? Probably not with today’s latest printer technology offered at affordable prices. You’re most likely going to go out and purchase a new printer.

A large amount of our customers often find themselves in “ah” when trying to decide which new printer they want to buy.  They get lost in reading about the latest advancements in technology, or hung up on the price of the consumables. The fact is you have a job to do and like the vehicle you drive you need your printer to get the job done!

We’ve put together a great little guide to follow when starting to think about buying a new printer.

What are you going to use this printer for? Work, Home
What technology do you prefer?  Inkjet, Laser
Will you be printing colour? Or just black pages?
What will you need the printer to do? Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Duplex, Wireless
What will the printer mainly be used for? Text or photo’s
What type of paper will you be printing on? Plain, envelopes, cards, photo paper
What is your approximate monthly print volume? 3,000 Pages
How much space do you have for the printer? Desk/ Shelf/ Cabinet
How often do you usually replace your printer? 5 years
What is your monthly budget for printing? $100/ mth
What is your budget for a new printer? $250

There are all things that should be considered when looking to purchase a new printer.

If you have any questions or need advice about on which printer best suits your needs contact our experienced, qualified staff today: