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Bank of Montreal (BMO) are no longer providing deposit books to its commercial clients

We recently heard from a client that the Bank of Montreal (BMO) are no longer providing deposit books to its commercial clients.  A single deposit book is approx $30 to purchase from them for 50 slips.  BMO told them their only other option was to print out their own slips and use them.

The feedback we received from the client was “It’s ridiculous considering the amount of fees they take out of clients already”

All we have to say is BMO commercial customers we have you covered.  We offer a full line of Premium Security Cheques and Banking products including:Anything Printing - 2015 Premium Cheques catalog

  • Cheques (Manual and Laser)
  • Cheque Binders
  • Deposit Slips
  • Deposit Books
  • Deposit Bags
  • Stamps
  • and more!

View our on-line Cheque Catalog for more information or contact us

Now offering PROMOTIONAL Products!!!

promo items

We are happy to announce that we are now offering several lines of promotional products that are a great fit for almost any event or occasion.

  • Banners and Signs
  • Coffee Mugs and Traveler Cups
  • Lanyards
  • Pens and Markers
  • Key Chains
  • T-Shirts and Hats
  • Magnets
  • Personalized USB Drives
  • and more!

Choose from our selection of 10,000+ promotion products.  Most of our promotional products offer the ability to be full customized.

We also offer a wide range of graphic design services if you require assistance with design of your products.

Contact us today with your promotional ideas and let us help you spread the great word. or (613) 920-2117

Four Ways that a Multifunction System Contributes to a Greener Office

There are plenty of reasons why a business would take the step in purchasing a Multifunction System for their office. Whether it is for the purpose of boosting efficiency and productivity in the office, or if it’s for consolidating much needed space, a multifunction system can contribute many benefits that a business can realize in a short amount of time. Companies typically realize that they have made a smart decision in investing in a Multifunction System shortly after it has been installed.

Benefits of a Multifunction System that are sometimes overlooked are the various Green initiatives that are associated with the machines themselves. It’s easy for a business to know that productivity will be boosted by a Multifunction System, but it’s a little more difficult for a business to realize the eco-friendly benefits that can be realized when making the switch from individual pieces of office equipment.

Environmentally Friendly Benefits Associated with Multifunction Systems Include:

Replacing Stand-Alone Products– Replacing old, out-of-date, stand-alone products can contribute to the lessening of an office’s carbon footprint. Many times, individual printers can use up large amounts of energy. If this happens in many places in the office, a lot of energy is wasted.

Save on Printer Supplies– The amount of supplies used for a single MFP in an office can also severely cut down on the amount of ink, toner, and other supplies that are used on a weekly or monthly basis. Consolidating equipment is always good for the environment.

New Products are Energy Efficient– Having new products in the office almost always means an upgrade to the amount of energy that is used in a given day. New products are equipped with the latest technology that are designed to save energy and money.

Using Supplies Efficiency– Similar to using its energy consumption wisely, a new product will also be better in using the supplies it has in an efficient manner. New machines tend to use less ink, toner, and other supplies and when printing and helps reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Investing in a Multifunction System has many benefits a business can realize in either the short term or the long run. Either way, the Green choice of today’s machines almost always point to a Multifunction System.

Video on benefits of using a Multifunction Printer  (MFP).

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Leasing a printer vs Buying a printer

A lot has changed in the printing industry over the last 10 years.  The more money you can save on costs to run your business, the better. However, business decisions are not always just about the bottom line. In some cases, the line between the red and black can be a little blurred. Such is the case when trying to decide between buying or leasing a printer. Printers used for large-scale business applications can be expensive and cost you significant money up front. Leasing is an option to allay those costs, but you may end up paying more in the long run. You should take into account several considerations when deciding between the two.

The initial cost for buying a printer for your office may be several hundred or thousand dollars. This amount depends on the quality of the equipment you buy. You may need more than one printer. The initial cost of renting printers is significantly less than buying printers outright. You may end up paying an initial security deposit and your first month’s rental fees, but this should leave you with some additional money in the bank that you can use for other purposes.

Technological Changes
As technology continues to change rapidly, it may be necessary to replace your printers fairly often to keep up with those changes. If you buy your printers, replacing them will cost you a significant amount of money each time you do so. This may give you reason to hold off on purchases for a year or two until your old printers become obsolete. If you have a good lease, however, you may be able to upgrade your equipment without any significant change in price and as often as needed. The downside to leasing, in terms of technological upgrades, is that you may not have much choice when it comes to the new equipment you get.

Leasing with the right company can present you with a significant advantage when it comes to getting technical support. Leasing companies generally provide support for the products they lease, and such support may cost you no additional money out of your pocket. Buying a printer, however, will require that you pay for your own repairs and rely on the manufacturer for technical support. This can prove to be expensive if you have to buy additional parts. The cost of printer ink also may add up fairly quickly if you buy, whereas a leasing company may replace ink for you as needed.  Most suppliers can help find a printer that has reasonable cartridges/ toner cost with high page yields.

When it comes to tax deductions, both printing and leasing can help you reduce your tax liability. In general, the Government will allow you to deduct certain costs associated with running your business. Equipment costs, whether leased or purchased, are usually lumped in with those tax deductions. Generally though, the tax deductions tend to be more significant if you purchase the equipment.

Both “Purchasing” and “Leasing” have there pros and cons, but the decision should be made ultimately on the type of work, monthly print volumes and budget the customer has.

Please contact us with any of your questions, experiences or advice buying or leasing a printer.

Ten ways to print less – Save a tree, save money!

For all our talk about environmental sustainability, we are still buried under piles of paper. We’re continuing to consume huge quantities of paper. These easy tips should help keep the dead tree count down.

1. Reformat
Reduce font size and margins in your document before printing.  If you must print out PowerPoint or other slideshow presentations, configure your print job to options like the Handouts View where you can choose a multiple number of slides to print per page.

Solutions like HP Smart Print cut out unnecessary information, such as banners and adverts, when printing material from the web.

2. Double up
Isn’t it great when the store has your favorite item on a two-for-one sale? Get as excited about winning two for one with every sheet of paper! Print on both sides. Make double-sided printing your default setting.

3. Portable Document Format
PDFs are the new paper. “Save as” or print directly to PDF. Scan paper originals to use, save, or distribute instead of making paper copies.

4. Print Preview
Take a few minutes to preview your print. Say good-bye to the single straggler line of text on one page, and avoid making a copious paper trail of your quest to perfection.

5. Print on Demand
Use print on demand capabilities. Publications and documents are not printed unless actually needed.

6. Streamline Access
Print release technology such as pull printing and access control forces users to physically log in or input a code at the printer to start the actual print job, preventing mounds of unclaimed papers.

7. Take the paperwork and cost out of admin
Did the term paperwork become synonymous with administrative forms around the same time that the phrase “lost in the paperwork” came into use? Paper is also expensive; Europe wastes 40 billion a year on paper invoicing.

Administrative management software and web programs such as Turbine handle a range of tasks from record-keeping to performance reviews to invoicing to accounting, tying all your employee management into a single affordable, accessible, searchable system.

8. Collaborate online
Use online collaboration tools like Google Drive or Dropbox to access and work on the same documents.

9. Stop printing your email
Printing does not equal saving. Email is already storable, savable, and sendable. Plus mobile options these days give you easy access to email and calendars.

10. Stop printing the internet
Instead of printing online material, use services like Instapaper or Pocket, which will save and store articles and pages you want to read and provide easy-to-read online and mobile formats.

Kindle Fire HD 7″ with Stylus (FIREHD7-KT-ST) – $288.99

Kindle Fire HD (FIREHD7-KT-ST)


When it comes to HD displays, great resolution is just the start. Unlike other 7″ tablets, Kindle Fire HD delivers rich color and deep contrast from every angle, with an advanced polarizing filter and custom anti-glare technology.

High Definition Touchscreen Display:
Rich, HD video. Beautiful, vivid photos. Crisp, detailed text. Kindle Fire HD features a new 1280×800 high definition LCD display that brings your content to life.

Reduced Screen Glare:
Most tablet displays are made up of two pieces of glass – an LCD on the bottom and a touch sensor on the top, separated by an air gap. With an air gap, light reflects off of every surface as it passes through from the front, creating multiple distracting reflections that reduce display contrast. Kindle Fire HD solves this air gap problem by laminating the touch sensor and the LCD together into a single layer of glass, creating a display that’s easy to view, even in overhead light.

Richer Colors at Wider Angles:
Like many tablets, Kindle Fire HD uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) to improve color reproduction. But displays that only use IPS still appear washed out at various angles, such as laid sideways when reading in bed, laid flat on a table, or held between you and a friend when sharing a movie. Kindle Fire HD addresses this issue by applying an advanced polarizing filter directly to the LCD panel. This results in a display that shows the same deep contrast and rich, detailed color when viewed at any angle.

10 point capacitive touchscreen Displaywith IPS advanced polarizing filter, and anti-glare technology.

1.5Ghz dual-core processor with Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core.

7 inch model – 1280×800 resolution, video playback at 720p.
8.9 inch model – 1920×1200 resolution at 254 ppi, video playback up to 1080p

16 GB/32 GB /64GB Internal Memory

Wi-Fi USB 2.0 Micro-HDMI 3.5 mm audio jack Integrated stereo speakers with exclusive Dolby audio engine Built-in microphone Free Skype video calls front-facing HD camera 7 inch Dimensions: 193x137x10.3 mm 8.9 inch Dimensions: 240x164x8.8 mm 7 inch Weight: 395 grams 8.9 inch Weight: 567 grams

Hewlett Packard LV1911 – 18.5″ LED Monitor – ONLY $105.99

HP LV1911

HP LV1911

Smart Buy HP LV1911 18.5-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor – 1 VGA input – 600:1 static; 3000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio – 1366 x 768 resolution

Kodak PixPro FZ51-SL Silver 16.15 Megapixels – ONLY $84.99

Kodak PixPro FZ51 – Compare at $100+

Kodak FZ51

  • 1/2.3″ CCD 16.15 Megapixels
  • 5X Optical Zoom
  • Wide Angle
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • 2.7″ LCD
  • 720p 30, 720p 15, VGA, QVGA
  • Approx. 200 Shots (Based on CIPA Standards)

Epson Stylus C88+ – Personal Inkjet Printer

Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer (C11C617121F) – ONLY $111.99

Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer

Black               T060120       $20.99
Cyan                T060220       $14.99
Magenta         T060320       $14.99
Yellow             T060420      $14.99
Multi-Pack    T060520-S  $41.99
Dual Black     T60-D2         $44.99
Value-Pack    T060520-VP  $170.99

Powerful performance for all your printing projects

The Epson Stylus® C88+ speeds through critical projects and reports, delivering amazing quality and durability, time after time, with revolutionary DURABrite® Ultra pigment ink. This powerful performer gives you incredible results, whether you’re printing a photo or proposal. Now, anyone can achieve astounding results, project after project, with the exceptional power and performance of the Epson Stylus C88+.

User Reviews

Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 54.4 out of 5

Open Ratings Snapshot 153 of 169(91%)customers would recommend this product to a friend.