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BEST Prices on Brochures!

AnythingPrinting - Tri-fold BrochuresBrochures are a cost effective and versatile marketing tool!

Benefits of creative Brochures:

-Offer a large print service area to present your message
-Allow you to be creative across 6 panels
-Are a great way to offer a discount
-Work well for for trade shows, retail counters and media kits

We have some of the BEST prices on brochures in Ontario!

500      $119.99   or   $0.24/ea
1000    $159.99   or   $0.16/ea
2000    $209.99  or   $0.10/ea
3000    $249.99  or   $0.08/ea

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We can assist with graphic design.

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Brochures are one of the best methods of marketing to introduce your business and value-added products or services. Brochures should be used as an introduction and information piece only.  Be sure to include all your contact information including your phone number, e-mail and mailing address, website, blog, eCommerce, social media etc.

Brochures should detail:

  • Who you are
  • What problems you solve and the solutions you offer
  • How you can make a customer’s life easier
  • Why you

Brochures are an important part of your marketing strategy and should be well thought out. Brochures introduce your business,  assist in initiating new relationships, are used to help garner further interest in your solutions and work as a powerful tool in your lead generation process.

Make sure not to over do it or over introduce your business.  Brochures should intrigue prospects to interact with your brand.  Once a prospect contacts you for information this is the chance to further introduce your business and discuss your value-added solutions.

Give your brochure that WOW! factor and use a unique size, shape and design that helps you stand out in the crowd. Brochures offer many value-added options that should not be overlooked while in your creative process.  Here are just a few options available:

  • Different stock shapes and sizes 
  • You can have a unique one of a kind die created
  • Offer the ability to include pop-up features
  • Choose which paper stock best suits your brochure
  • Several folding options are available
  • Include unique raised print 
  • Choose a Plain or UV/ Glossy coating for that extra shine

We offer a wide range of brochures sizes, unique images, content editing and quality graphic design services to help build you a powerful brochure that will help present your business in a professional manner, assist with creating greater brand awareness and increase your sales!

Contact us with all your brochure printing and graphic design needs today!