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Now offering Corrugated Packaging

We are proud to tell our customers we now have the capability to assist with almost any Corrugated Packaging needs.  We have partnered with an industry leading Canadian manufacturer to be able to offer and accommodate your corrugated packaging needs both large and small.  We also offer the ability to fully customize our packaging to fully suit your specific application as well provide custom printing to help with your branding.

Anything Printing - Corrugated Boxes

Below is a few Corrugated Packaging options we can assist with:

  • Folding Carton
  • Corrugated Container
  • Beverage Multipacks
  • Displays
  • Containerboard, Pulp, Kraft
  • Dispensing Systems
  • Partitions & Protective Packaging
  • Paperboard
  • Recycling

There are many benefits to dealing with Anything Printing for your Corrugated Packaging needs including:

  • Industry leading cutting manufacturing facilities
  • Knowledgeable packaging experts to assist with questions
  • Custom die set-up
  • Ability to provide samples until we reach an end product that exceeds your expectations
  • Our products are manufactured in Canada
  • NO minimum orders
  • Blind drop shipping available throughout Canada

While designing and producing your corrugated packaging products we take into account your specific application, order volumes, budget and branding requirements.

In addition to our line of Corrugated Packaging solutions we can also provide custom labels in small and large runs.

Contact our team of packaging specialists to discuss how we can help you create a custom Corrugated Packaging solution and meet your budgeting demands today!

Tips for selecting the right business promotional items

Business promotional items are becoming more popular and fashionable these days with every other company opting for it. This has been a successful business promotion tool and creates a brand image of your organisation. However, selecting promotional products is not an easy task as you need to consider a number of factors before selecting one.

To help you select appropriate items, let’s have an understanding of the important factors and get some tips.

Tips for selecting business promotional items

1. Know your target group

Before selecting an item, you must consider whom you’re gifting it to. You must make sure that the product you’re intending to give creates the desired impact. A practical item that is latest in the market place can be a good choice. You can gift a glass coffee plunger designed uniquely, which the recipient can use in his office.

2. Find what your competitors are up to

Look for what your competitors are gifting by attending their events or ordering their sample pack. This will help you to choose the correct item that will serve your purpose. You can buy some simple customised promotional products such as laminated door hangers with your logo for better effect.

3. Know your logo or design

Make sure that you know and use your company’s logo and customise the gifted item with the design you want to brand it with. Suppose, if you’re gifting paper gift dispenser, you can design it using your company’s logo for better brand image and recall.

4.Create an image with packaging

Many people ignore the importance of packaging, which actually can create a strong positive impression. When gifting something, especially for business promotion, packaging should be taken proper care of.

5.Choose a brand

A brand will help increase the perceived value of the product. A recipient of an item always analyses the product received on the grounds of how heavy it is, what it is made of, is it a brand, etc. so, choosing a brand name will help you fulfil your goal better. You can select from a number of options such as Parker, NIKE, adidas, Regatta and more!

6.Think of the ways the item can connect you with the customers

 If you can connect with your target with the items you gift them, there can be nothing better than this. You can think and find out ways to connect with customer. One of the latest items for this can be a USB memory stick. Each the time user plugs it in, it will link to internet and update about the company and product information in the device. This can be one of the best and effective ways to connect with.

7.Plan ahead

Select your items that you can buy or produce for your next event to avoid being too late to order what would really work for your business.

8.Choose a reputable company

Find a reputable and experienced company in dealing with promotional products. Make sure that the company sells its products not only on price but other benefits as well.

Selecting the right promotional product can give you maximum benefits for business marketing. It has become an integral part to any marketing business.

Our Signature Packaging solutions line

We now offer a full line of custom packaging supplies to help personalized your brand and customer experience.

Whether you’re a gift shop, flower shop, jewelry store, a wine maker, a retail store or an independent sales agent we have a packaging solution for you.

Retail bags, heat stamping, tissue paper, bows and more.

Affordable Retail Packaging Solutions

Most of our Signature Packaging Solutions offer the ability to be full customized to suit your brand strategy, color scheme and personal style. You can also print your message directly on our packaging solutions.  Choose from our large selection of Bags, Boxes, Ribbons, Labels, Tissue Paper and more.  We carry a large selection of colors and patterns and we will quote on custom orders.

Browse our on-line Retail Packaging Catalog for some great packaging ideas.

Contact us with any questions today! (613) 920-2318 or